Cervical Vertebra Tractor

Name:Cervical Vertebra Tractor   Mode NO. :LY-SPCP-40

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Cervical Vertebra Tractor LY-SPCP-40 Model unique characteristics :
1. Pulsed massage at scruff , two motors massage at side neck
2. LCD controller, microprocessor-controlled program
3. Auto power off after 15minutes of cycle operation

A total of Cervical Vertebra Tractor Product Features:
1. A perfect healthcare device for patients who have cervical vertebra diseases.
2. Also fit for office workers and computer users.
3. You’ll enjoy the massage, traction and far infrared thermotherapy all at the same time!A
Has two electrical power supply options of home or car making it convenient for use in both places!
    Traction Function
Traction is one of the effective Chinese medicine treatments to cure the dizziness and numbness caused by cervical vertebra illness. Tractor supports under neck, reduces tension of neck muscles.
    Far infrared Thermotherapy
Far infrared can enlarge the capillary and lymphatic vessel. Promote blood circulation, activate the cells, effectively reducing tension of the neck muscles.
    Massage Function
Relieves the pain and stiffness of neck muscles, improve blood circulation. enhance the oxygen supply and blood circulation, perfect for health care of office workers.

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