Folding portable laptop desk LY-NBT32

Laptop table LY-NBT32

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Folding portable laptop desk LY-NBT32 Physical Benefits:
Protects your body from laptop heat.
Promotes healthier ergonomic postures for your body.
Removes weight of your laptop off your lap.
Reduces neck and lower back stress.
Makes computing comfortable, increasing productivity.

Folding portable laptop desk LY-NBT32 manual:
1. USB fan helps to dissipate the heat-air away from your notebook
2. With one USB input port , one USB standard output port and one USB power output port
3. Built-in mouse pad on both right hand and left hand
4.Folds completely flat
5. Multiple pre-set angle positions for total comfort
6. Double position adjustable fold out legs

Folding portable laptop desk LY-NBT32 Features:
1.Ergonomic multi-function laptop desk 
2.Folding leg, to adjust height is: 5.5cm, 29cm,48cm
3.Notebook stand with adjustable angle
4.Mouse pads on left and right sides
5.A large, high-performance,extra quiet, built-in fan dissipates the heat away from your notebook
6. With cup holder
7. With 2 USB socket
8.Folds down compactly so you can take with you anywhere
9.SIZE:67 x 34 x 48 CM  67 x 34 x 7 CM(Folded)

Folding portable laptop desk LY-NBT32 packing :
laptop desk Standard packing:brown box
Package size (cm) :62.5x35x6.5cm
Product size:61.5x34x5.5cm
Qty per carton:5pcs
Qty per 20ft:1890
Qty per 40ft:3780/40GP, 3780/40HQ
Carton Meas:64x36.5x34cmGW / NW 
Per carton Kgs:13kg/9.5kg

laptop table32
laptop table ly-nbt32-9
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Folding portable laptop desk LY-NBT32 ensure:
1.Situations suitable :bed,sofa,desk,carpet,lawn.
2. Usage suitable: TV Tray,laptop table,Breakfast Tray,Bed Tray,Book Holder.
3.Apply to :Adults,kids.
4.We guarantee each product will be checked.
5.If there are bad products, we will promptly pay compensation to customers without any charge.

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