Disinfectant water generator

Disinfectant water generator

Disinfectant water generator

1. Compared with bottled disinfectants: domestic hypochlorous acid disinfectants can use edible salt and water directly as raw materials, which is safer and more convenient.


2. Homemade disinfectants are environmentally friendly, safe, and have no toxicity or side effects. It is safe to use but not drinkable.


3. Compared with other disinfectants: spraying other disinfectants, static electricity or sparks can cause fire, and the danger is higher. Homemade disinfectants do not have this danger, which is safe and reliable.


4. The degree is relatively high, and the concentration of the homemade disinfectant can be adjusted. You can adjust the density according to your purpose. For more information, see the details page.


5. The raw materials are simple, and we can use household salt and water to generate household disinfectants with sterilization function through our sterilizer.


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