Laptop Table Basic Function

How to choose a good Laptop Table?what is theBasic Function?Basic function laptop table should have: Cooling,Portability,Collapsible,May be down,May move.

1. Cooling: The biggest drawback is the laptop cooling performance is not good, according to survey statistics relevant life span of a laptop cooling performance by 30% of the decision, poor thermal performance, easily lead CUP temperature, notebook running slow, the graphics card temperature is easy to burn, although the notebook manufacturers are now trying to overcome this problem, but the problem still can not get a better improvement, it is necessary to overcome the laptop table with this defect. Laptop desk scattered waves into heat and the cooling fan outlet, so depending on the manufacturer's production capacity may be, at present, the Shenzhen LEADFAR company's notebook computer desk cooling fans are used USB (USB Cooling Fan- Notebook HUB with cable link to give the fan power.

2. Portability: notebook, also known as laptop, notebook in order to meet the convenience, convenience, laptop computer tables must also be synchronized to adapt to this end, the general design of laptop computer tables are very small, together, they also like a little book, like, you can easily take out, to use in any venue, but not the same as the material applied, the weight of the laptop desk will not the same as the current laptop table of the material are ABS plastic, wood, pine, Nan Bamboo, aluminum-magnesium alloy, which uses ABS plastic material is also the lightest weight of the notebook, ABS plastic that is PC + ABS (plastic alloy), the Chinese name in the chemical industry of plastic alloy, the reason for the name PC + ABS, because such PC resin material has both excellent heat resistance weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance, but also has excellent processing ABS resin flow. Therefore, applications in thin-walled and complex shaped products and to maintain its excellent performance. At present, most of the plastic shell ABS plastic notebook computers are made with raw materials. Benefits of the introduction of new ABS engineering plastics, fine workmanship, sturdy and durable, tensile compressive strength, aging, never fade, the weight of ordinary wood computer desk just for the weight of 1 / 4, to avoid the heavy furniture, such as Shenzhen LEADFAR Company There are more products of this material, we can see the physical map to their own. Wood, pine, bamboo, aluminum-magnesium alloy often seen in life, their drawback is heavy, not suitable for carrying, but at home use or very useful.

3. Collapsible: the front desk said the laptop is a special place portability, now that the folding is the base. General notes are shaped design computer desk is equivalent to that whole close up the table as 17 "so big, stretching off is a solid piece of notebook computer desk. The general design of notebook computers will be two to three desk height, that is, notebook computers the second table legs can be folded, and the second extension. mainly for laptop users were in bed, sofa, stool designed for use on close.

4. May be down: According to the otherwise laptop users, now the type of notebook computer desk is also divided into many, at home use, there are movements laptop  computer desk, be free to let the user adjust the proper height.

5. May move: There are many laptop computer tables are placed in the bottom universal wheel, so that users can freely move. We can go to LEADFAR see data.

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