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Daquan laptop maintenance and Maintenance
Citation: For the friend has a laptop, I believe whether you are office or home, do not want a laptop because of their failure to work or lead to the loss of private documents. How to make notebook computers dropped to the lowest failure rate? How to make your laptop work for you consistently and honestly? In fact, as long as you usually pay more attention in the course of a little, some notebook computers often need care and maintenance, it is easily able to bring immediate results. Here we are for the normal process of using a laptop users need to pay more attention to some of the issues brief summary, I hope our experience can help you. Below we have a new machine from the laptop to the attention of the early issues, daily maintenance and extend the life of notebook computers for about three aspects of maintenance skills.

First, the beginning of the new machine

Newly purchased laptop computer users should first pay attention to is the battery. Just started using a new battery when the electrical characteristics and use of the performance period of time is very different, mainly for the premature termination of the charging process occurs (the phenomenon of false full) and washed off the electricity and the electricity is not sustainable. As we all know, these problems can be repeated by the user full charge / discharge be improved in order to obtain the best performance of the battery. It should be noted that although the new battery charge can be directly used to use, but if the user at the beginning of improper use, battery performance is often not reach the highest level. You just got a new machine, please do not just charge the battery, because laptop manufacturers at the factory will give a small portion of the battery charge and power to functional testing, so you get a notebook computer or have a certain remaining power, please you first turn on your notebook's power, will I call on a clean, and then recharge. The general practice is to continuously charge and discharge the battery 3 times to be able to let the battery fully warm, really play potential performance. Said here refers to the charging and discharging of the battery is full of user needs / discharge operation of the net, remember, must be filled, put a clean, and then filled, add clean, so repeated 3 times. After that you can use a normal battery. Some notebook computers have been set in the BIOS, a battery calibration feature, users can more easily take the laptop battery for regular maintenance to get the best battery status (see Figure 1). Now, congratulations to you, your laptop battery can work in the best state of the battery.

In addition, for newly purchased laptop, its screen is very fragile because, manufacturers tend to stick in a layer of protective film-screen to achieve the purpose of protecting the screen, this layer of protective film is required torn off before use, because if you do not Jie will seriously affect the screen image display. In the process of exposing need attention, and some computer screen protection film attached very tight, in exposing the time must be slower along a corner of the screen, step by step Remove the protective film. Do not force too much, too fast, so as not to damage the screen, making it premature aging yellow. Here to remind users of notebook computers, screen protection film for peeled off, it is best not to throw away, keep the future maintenance of useful, specific practices will be introduced later.

For some detailed user, you may consider looking for some screen protection film, stickers decorated with their favorite plastic film like material, attached to the palm rest and so easy to wear and tear of the position to better care of your love machine . Similar design, we like Sony, Acer and some very focused laptop with details of the above can be seen (see Figure 2). In actual use, we recommend that you try not to take watches, bracelets and other items to use laptops, because it is easy to inadvertently, severe wear wrist rest, to shed round after round of laptop scars.

Also, choose a high quality laptop bag is also very necessary. After all, for most notebook computers, which is to be used to bring natural and proper laptop bag to give them the most intimate nature protection. This is perhaps the new laptop users should note that not all laptops are really the appropriate packages first wife. Different packages and general office, a real well-designed laptop bag sides should first have sufficient strength and protection compartment for laptop safety and comfort put up a "love nest." The general office packages often due to too much space and soft frame design, outsiders can not effectively isolate the backlog and impact. Second, it should have a reasonable design of the parts separated Bureau, such as power supply should be separated from the side of the laptop next to the home to avoid being accidentally squeezed the power plug when the notebook LCD screen scratch (see Figure 3). Meanwhile, the laptop computer bag should also have some waterproof capability.

Second, routine maintenance

Laptop as a portable mobile computing devices, in fact, major manufacturers in its ruggedness, durability and so a lot of work has been done, but the rugged laptop and then also the user's negligence in the course of and failure. So how can the user avoid mistakes in daily use in our discussion is that a major problem.

Screen Saver

We talk about the screen on a protective film layer of protective film that we recommend that you do not use your laptop when it paste, when using a laptop computer and then peeled off, so you can effectively protect the chemical coating the outer screen so that the outermost layer of the coating is not too early to be oxidized. Users in the process of using a laptop, do not readily hand to refer to / by the LCD screen, or touch the screen with a hard object, so if you often do not pay attention a long time will appear on the LCD screen, such as non-white printing, and so will never wipe to scar, to the regret when the. New machine package with a layer of tissue paper generally, you can also this layer of tissue paper on the laptop screen and keyboard, between the screen and thus reducing the wear between health cap. If your laptop pointing stick, we also recommend that you go out in the distance when carrying a laptop can remove TrackPoint cap kept separate to avoid the top of the screen by the injury (see Figure 4).

Water can be called the laptop "natural enemies", in addition to the computer side to avoid drinking or eating fruit, we must also be careful not to plant kept in humid place, moisture will seriously damage the components inside the LCD screen. Of particular note is that in the winter and summer, and out of a heating or air-conditioned room, a large temperature difference will lead to "condensation" occurs, the user at this time to the LCD power may also cause corrosion of liquid crystal electrodes, resulting in permanent of damage. To this end we also recommend that you change the ambient temperature should not exceed 10 ℃ / 10min. Water situation in the event of the screen, if you just found in the boot screen before the mist the surface, wipe gently with a soft cloth and then boot on it. If water has entered the LCD, the LCD should be placed in the warmer areas, such as table lamps, will gradually evaporate the water inside. In the rainy season, we also pay attention to regularly run the laptop for some time to disperse the tidal heating component, preferably also in the laptop bag and put a small packet of moisture-proof agent, for the love machine create a good home.

Maintenance of the screen, in addition to attention to this problem, you can also use the software to meet the man or, as the LCD screen CRT is still relatively short life of many, its also much faster rate of aging, then we need to use the time normally to pay special attention. For example, in power management interface to set what the computer is not responding automatically turn off the screen when the time interval, or you do not altogether in a long time to develop a notebook computer screen when the habit of readily closed, the screen to reduce unnecessary loss. In addition, the delay should be taken to avoid aging of the LCD screen long Zhishai strong sunlight the screen, to make use of moderate brightness / contrast and reduce the long-term display a fixed pattern (to avoid local over-aging). Finally, there is little that is usually dedicated to always use a soft brush, glasses cloth, wipe the screen ball, ear cleaning, if necessary, use neutral detergent or a little water, to clean stains on the surface. These tips are very good on the LCD screen.

Maintenance of hard drives and CD-ROM

Mainly as a mechanical movement of the computer work the way the parts, and most likely the bad parts, its protection to be extra attention. First, we should note that the process of running the hard drive, try not to move too fast laptop, of course, do not suddenly hit notebooks. Although the seismic performance of notebook hard drive desktop hard drive is much better than that, but after all its principles and desktop hard disk is the same, head arm in 4200r/min disc or even higher speed drifting, sudden impact or even a small shock can cause serious consequences. We all know, the hard disk damage caused by the loss of all the most significant hardware damage can sometimes be said to be devastating, so advise the majority of laptop users, when the hard disk to work, such as file Copy process, as far as possible Do not shake the laptop computer-generated, so you can maximize the protection of your hard drive, protecting your most important data. For important data on it, we recommend that you regularly use external storage (such as DVD, tape storage, external hard drive or network share) for external backup, to ensure that critical moment to save important data.

Laptop CD-ROM drive structural precision than desktop machines, and therefore also more sensitive to dust and dirt. To avoid the impact of dust, notebook drives when not in use should be removed disc, to avoid the frequent use of poor quality / dirty disc and reduce the time to drive continuous operation, if necessary, select the virtual drive software to its burdens. Clean shaved head with a cleaning fluid on a regular basis, but also drive the notebook an important means of maintenance. Notebook computer drive tray out of the sides of the rails used, if too much force when loading the disc, the number increased more than the rail and trays are easy to wear, making the gap increases, the pallets may not smooth out, will not pop up or not even close. We can also transfer to a plate light when the hand-care drive tray to reduce the pressure by rail.

Maintenance of pointing device

Since most laptops comes with a touchpad or mouse rods to replace the mouse, and many users are already accustomed to using these two methods to control the cursor on the screen, so as a frequently used laptop parts, we still need to tell you about these two input devices for routine maintenance skills. First of all talk about the maintenance of the touchpad. Is actually very simple, the general multi-touch pad is divided into the first layer is a transparent protective layer, the second layer is touch layer. Users should be noted here is the first layer, the main function of this layer protective layer is to strengthen the touch version of the wear resistance. Since the surface of the touchpad and press the fingers are often subject to friction, so this layer protective layer is crucial. Should be careful not to accidentally let something this hard layer of protective film cut, it just broke a little layer of film, the rest will soon fall off, to fall out when the entire protective film, the wear resistance of the touch pad is very fragile, easily lead to the failure of the friction time. Of course, keep clean the touch pad is also necessary (see Figure 5).

Here to talk about the mouse rods (also called pointing stick), the mouse rod was originally invented by IBM, its main advantage is space saving assembly, the user using the mouse toggle lever must pay attention to the intensity, I have seen many mouse rod has been allocated a bad laptop. In addition, the mouse usually has a rubber rod above the head, the rubber head if the user often very hard to use a long time, they would degenerate, fall off, so usually have a lot of attention to the protection. The main problem here is dirty, you can stick a little toothpaste, toothbrush appropriate clean-up.

Keyboard maintenance

Finally, we will introduce some of our most frequently used keyboard on the maintenance of skills, because the keyboard is one of the most frequently used parts, although many manufacturers are taking into account their durability, especially in the structure was fully optimized, but drop of water wears away a stone, a long time the issue came. Or is not used a key, or wear is not a letter. The user when in use should be aware of the following major points: First, do not get angry on the keyboard. Seems to us that the keyboard is the biggest killer of your own, many computer users, after the crash because of their loss of work, could not help but hit the keyboard will be a few export gas. We remind you that this will play a supportive role in the keyboard keys of the soft damage, there will be a long time playing is not up button pressed the issue. The second point is to try not to eat the top of the laptop, smoking or drinking, to keep the keyboard clean. In particular, too much liquid into the keyboard, is likely to short-circuit, resulting in hardware damage. We want users to be able to develop a good habit to eat or drink in the time away from the notebook computer, which will minimize the chance of problems, the purpose to protect the laptop. Secondly, we recommend that you buy a notebook computer keyboard dedicated soft, soft with lots of uneven this key position, just to cover the laptop's keyboard, both waterproof, dustproof, but also anti- grinding, and the price is not expensive, the general computer market that is available. In addition, regular with a clean cloth to remove dust from inside the gaps between keys is also very necessary.

For those who have flooded the keyboard or the user has not flexible, we Jiaoninyizhao. First of all, the laptop can pull each key is open. For standard-sized keys, you pull the nail from the top down one can pull hard to open, then will see a rubber pad, buttons up just like it does not play the relationship. Press the bomb button is not up for a user, you can click this rubber hand, if you can not bounce back so you can use your other less frequently used buttons instead of rubber mats with them, or go to the secondary market to buy a notebook computer the price is very cheap, at least cheaper than you get much more service stations. Water for keyboard users, you need to water all the keys that a pull to open, after careful examination, if it is determined there is no leakage into the liquid inside the computer, then distilled water or tap water for other, can be dry For beverages, such as Coca Cola, the drinks will stay dry after evaporation of sticky sugar, then require you to use a low concentration of alcohol to wipe out. To note the time rubbing every corner, especially in parts of rubber. Well, that simple, how? You are not already started working out?

Interface Maintenance

Of course, the various ports for laptop computers, such as the PCMCIA card port, VGA interface, we usually should also pay attention, when not in use will be used as a dedicated card to seal the cover or the air interface, to prevent dust from these places into the host . Also, when carrying a laptop should be pulled out of these extensions connected devices, so they been swept, resulting in loosening the interface, twisted or broken (see Figure 6).

Third, the depth of care

In understanding some of the day to day use and maintenance of skills, the we'll reach for advanced users introduce some means of extending the life of notebook computers. In fact, the first two parts we also have a brief introduction for some, but here we will highlight some depth the maintenance, care of notebook computer skills.

Careful with hard drives

In fact, the laptop computer above the real life of this problem involves only a few key parts, including hard drives, batteries, screens. Well, let us first is that it most likely a bad hard drive! How can extend its life? Of course, the first is a first do what we said above, when the hard work to avoid the collision. After you do this, you want to prolong its life, you have to point effort the next. Do not know if you noticed did not, and some regular laptop hard drive problems, and some people drive very long time not had any problems. You may find it very strange, the same brand, same model of notebook computers, different people use their hard life is not the same, but they are in love and care for their appearance, does not want to see? In fact, the hard life of the length of the main users of the usual habits by the decision, here are a few tips to note:

1. Try not to start multiple parallel Copy task: in this way will make the operating system on the hard disk head scheduling frequent shift arm to accelerate the aging of the motor head, a long time the head would be easy to go wrong. The most common failure is the continuing issue at boot time carbazole carbazole Rights Rights of sound, and then the hard disk is not recognized, we must note that Copy Try not to start multiple tasks simultaneously, select multiple files at once or wait in front of a Copy tasks to complete before the next Copy (see Figure 7).

2. Try not to open multiple hard drives need to read the data in the application: In fact, the same principle as above, it will also speed up the aging of the motor heads.

3. Defrag regularly (see Figure 8), if necessary, is best able to format the computer, reinstall the system: regular defrag the hard drive is actually very good, which can make the files on the hard disk and orderly manner rearrange, when the time of their visit was quickly able to find, so increased the efficiency of the hard drive addressing, reducing head movement. In addition, to reload the computer can also speed up the process of running speed. Finishing the Disk Defragmenter program can only share files that you can move the area, so there are some files can not be moved can not be occupied by finishing area, re-install the system to document the entire boot to re-organize, to do so order to get better results than the disk.

4. As far as possible hard work at low temperature: When the hard work of the internal above a certain temperature, it will deform due to high temperature, then the disc may lead to increased friction on the motor and other problems will also increase the hard disk the chance of error.

Tips on the hard drive there are many, in fact, we here only for some of the more common use usually to correct errors, careful users may also find more tips, all in all, the more carefully you use, laptop computers will The more stable work for you.

Long life batteries

Following a short-lived to say the king is the battery, some domestic brands of notebook computer battery is poor legends, and some even took half a year before it broke. Really is the notebook makers fault? Let us questions about manufacturers put aside. Did you know that some bad habits in terms of battery is very bad, may directly cause the battery to short time in the past come to an end, then we need to pay attention to what use?

1. Try to let the battery run out then charge, charge must be filled and then: Although laptops now use lithium, the memory effect weakened, but the bad habits will make it shorter life expectancy.

2. Do not charge the battery in the rain: rainy days are often thunder, lightning caused by the current moment in terms of impact on the battery is extremely unfavorable.

3. Regular battery maintenance: If you can not guarantee to use every time a thorough clean and recharge the battery, then at least a month to carry out a standard charge and discharge (ie, clean and re-filled after the release of full), or regular use BIOS battery calibration feature built-in maintenance, so that the battery life is very good.

Two points have to be careful

Now we come to talk about two relatively easy to place bad but not very interesting

1. Laptop computer screen opening and closing parts of the interface: this part is also very easy to bad, a lot of people with laptops there will be some time after the screen become very live issue, seriously, can no longer be locked at a certain angle , and can only be supported by other objects Caixing. Also the site of this convergence is also very easy to crack, so each time you open and close the screen when the notebook computer should try it mildly, a bit slower, and in the normal use of laptop computers, they should avoid frequent back and forth to the screen (for example, In the bumpy car to rely on the best in the legs can make the screen shake reduction), the probability that problems will be greatly reduced, avoid opening and closing too fast too fast!

2. Laptop touchpad or mouse rods with keys: this part is relatively easy to bad, we tell you a little skill, you usually use when the button at the middle position as far as possible, it would be inside the micro-switch Force uniform, and thus increase service life.

So far, we have introduced the screen, hard disk, keyboard, battery, and several other bad parts easier maintenance methods and techniques. Of course, this is only a large number of laptop maintenance tips as part of the most commonly used in the hope that you will benefit from our initiate. In fact, in daily use, we believe you will conclude these more practical than the above techniques to make your laptop work better.

Well, from the laptop maintenance is concerned, the most important heat dissipation, small notebook, all is not enough space for heat dissipation, cooling notebook mainly in the side and bottom, then choose a laptop for your efficient cooling fan that is essential , choose an efficient laptop tableto keep the heat problem, it is essential.

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