New Laptop Table from LY-NBS106

2010 New laptop table from LY NBS106
As laptop table manufacturers, senior development under the development cycle in a year, it was a new laptop table.
The laptop table in our previous based on some new add function, these functions are:
1.Latest & Ergonomics deisgn
2.With two HI-FI stereo speaker
3.Quite, high power USB cooling fan, help maximize notebook
4.Performance by keeping your notebook cool during use
5.Intergrated 3-port 2.0 USB hubs, provides connectivity for peripherals
6.Build-in 3 high brightness LEDs USB lamp
8.Antimagnetic design, no disturb to any electronic device.

Laptop Table from LY-NBS106,high power USB cooling fan,with two HI-FI stereo speaker

Laptop Table from LY-NBS106,3-port 2.0 USB hubs

Laptop Table from LY-NBS106,USB MICPHONE,LEDs

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