The new generation of computer desk era - laptop table

In order to save the office area to improve work efficiency, basically using notebook computer company will work, so we will adopt a new generation of laptop table, we use a new laptop table.
1 we laptop table adopt ABS, PP plastic materials, such as plastic, non-toxic side effects, portable, wear-resisting, deformation characteristics, feel is good, light weight and easier to carry more long, use rise. Environmental protection, quality faults.

2 the laptop table, we adopted folding shape design, double leg, this laptop table fold is highly suitable for children, three kinds of reading, writing, painting, adult children, regardless of using notebook computer, adults can be on the bed, sofa, table, ground, use. Winter better use.

3 our laptop table configuration for the efficient cooling fans, for the user knows, the largest notebook is deadly heat, due to the notebook, small size, the area is small, all in the bottom of the notebook hardware, if notebook directly on the table, and the temperature will not notebook, only with other tools to help its heat to warm up, use our notebook cooling fan CPU, notebook computer motherboard, hard disk, graphics, can effectively improve the working efficiency, you more effective protection of notebook computers using life.

4 we laptop table configuration 4 usb, convenient use usb product, convenient your laptop with external links you.

5 our laptop table equipped with eye LED lights, LED lights can be batteries can be notebook computer, the USB power, in the evening of double when using a laptop computer reading, writing, painting, with a laptop to provide convenient, LED lamp won't injure your eyes, also avoid the use of impact at others.

6 more human nature design is the laptop table, we have a good for you to configure your mouse pad, convenient use of better laptop computers.

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