Use computer for too long - cervical spondylosis

Now network developed, work on the computer operation, most of the white-collar all day sit in front of the computer use computers, you may notice that the computer radiation problems,
Whether also feel neck ache? Reckons that most white-collar have had.
LEADFAR give everybody the health tip:
1. Working for a long time when the correct posture use computers, otherwise easily neck pain, waist sour, hand acid.
2. Work an hour exercise, massage will rise the neck, relax the brain.
3. As a white-collar to properly use the cervical vertebra tractor massage, this can effectively relieve pain, more can prevent for the treatment of cervical syndrome.
Young people prevent cervical spondylosis, old just will not be troubled by the disease.
Prevent cervical spondylosis use cervical vertebra tractor.

cervical vertebra tractor 

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