Magical computer bag

LEADFAR here for everybody introduction of a magical computer bag , ordinary PC notebook computer only commonly has setup the function of the laptop bag has many unique function.
From computer bag inside, it is these new foam pads, make your laptop in bags do not produce shock, only the case is not yet a magical, an unexpected function will be amazing. The laptop bag Not only has the effect of computer bag, it also has the function of laptop desk, laptop bag is equipped with USB pneumatic device, the computer bag on the user USB connection to the notebook PC the USB interface, computer bag At the bottom of the automatic inflatable balloon, laptop bag completely filled, into a notebook stand, put in user knees to freely use, where are you, notebook stand with where he was laid, already can Notebook computer, and can treat as notebook stand optional carry when unneeded just press the buttons below can put off gas.
Don't you think magic?

laptop bag 

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