Far infrared heat therapy care belt

Far infrared heat therapy care belt can significantly improve and enhance the waist nerve tissue vigor alleviate ligament pressure; Eliminate tiredness and muscle acid hard; Adjust the reproductive system, improves dysmenorrhea, menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, and so on,promote the blood circulation, strengthen metabolism and decompose adipose, improve human immunity, Anti-inflammatory detumescence action, have analgesic action.
This product contains turmaline, is a kind of crystal shape of the natural minerals. It contains many kinds of microelements and minerals, with hot and pressure points, with the dual effects of the permanent electrode.
Product efficacy:
1. The anion and far infrared ray direct role in the waist balancing Yin and Yang, by the temperature, dredging, onyang scattered cold,
2. Promote blood circulation and analgesic removing pathogens, stimulate nerves, alleviate the waist ache and fatigue,
3. Accelerate fat into fatty acids, glycerin, such as water of small molecules speed, have certain effect reducing weight,
4. Depth thermal-effect: close-fitting use 15 minutes have tepid feeling, 30 minutes began to produce heat therapy and stimulation effect.


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