Notebook to high temperature how to solve?

Notebook cooling always let users anxiety.
Can use such as methods cooling:
First: clearing medicinal powder hot mouth of outlet, the experienced first clean outlet fence, cleaning later you can obviously felt a puff of air spray out, machine temperature also decreased rapidly.
Second: machine pads taller. Of course there are many ways of some high cushion la, can buy cooling pad, can be tilted his house, a book or a chopsticks are also available. Anyway as long as mat of some high will be accelerated thermal convection, favorable heat oh.
The third: Using cooling software. Software white-box function is mostly adjust machine frequency, thereby reducing power consumption, there is less electricity, of course fever is small. However, most people don't like to use, I don't like this, feeling something occupy the task bar let a person feel uncomfortable!
Fourth: physical cooling, can be open air conditioning, also can be the other way, such as cold water bag. A bit troublesome, are not practical.
But these are not complete solution, Don't worry,LEADFAR recommend using laptop stand to protect the computer.
laptop stand 



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