The R&D Section includes our electronics R&D team, the PU and silicon
developing team and Far infrared low voltage electric product team. This
department is made up of 25 professionals with many years of professional
experience, including 7 packaging designer, 5 structural engineers,
5electrical engineers, 3 chemical engineers, 3 graphic designers, and 2 model
testers. The competitive R&D team is composed of professional technical
talent whose working attitude is scrupulous about every detail. Their
hardworking, professional spirit, coupled with our advanced equipment
contribute to the production of excellent quality products at reasonable prices. This ensures a win-win relationship for both Leadfar and its clients.

a PM6304A automatic RCL tester made by American Fluke Corporation, a MD21A tester for testing micro engines made by Qingdao Yidi Measuring Appliance Co., Ltd., a CJ2650 electric capacity tester made by Nanjing Changjiang Radio Plant, a CPJ-3010Z positive image projector made by Shanghai Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.,

a CPJS-50 high-low temperature moisture-heat test-box made by Hanghai Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. and an IFR-2399 spectrum analyzer made by American IFR Corporation. The competitive R&D team composed of professional technical talents and their working attitude scrupulous about every detail, and hardworking professional spirit, coupled with advanced equipment will all contribute to the production of products of excellent quality and reasonable prices, ensuring win-win achievement for both leadfar and its clients.

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