Corporation Concept:

The spirit of enterprise is the core of enterprise culture in the whole corporate culture plays a dominant position. The spirit of enterprise value-based, value targets as a driving force of the business philosophy, management system, morality, sense of community and corporate image plays a decisive role. We can say that entrepreneurship is the soul.

Oranization of Staff Travel:

After the nervous working,the company in orer to alleviate fatigue of employees its often organise staff go to various tourist spots have a fun,not only release their mood, but also cultivation their setiment.
Literary competition:

The company in sake of making staff life colourful,so always  hold a series of literary sports activities , the aim is making staff learn how to exhibit themself, entertainment mind and body,then they will have comprehensive development.
Cultivate staff the sense of fire-safey:

Since many years the company has a high view of fireproof within site,the fireproof is always put in the first place among all the precaution work.precaution the conflagration is a persistent work, learn the knowledge of fire-safety is not a sack of class for all the staff.
Promote the knowledge of precaution flu to staff:

During the global break out flu,the company has a very high view of staff's safety,Timely organise the medical person explain flu knowledge. Make staff eliminate anxiety & panic attacks ,  and better protect themselves.
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