Quality management system is in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 version to operate,It is ensure the establishement and effective implementation of the comopany to prevent defects,reduce variation and waste,continuous improvement of quality system. The sprit of quality first, leading technology,service efficiency,Always first of quality policy. And Continually meet and exceed customer’s expect and requirements for quality ,delivery ,price and service.Make great efforts to become China world-class electronics,housewares products manufacturer.
IQC -For all the qualification of raw materials suppliers strictly assessed.Only qualified products can be become raw materials supplier of LEADFAR.Important parts to the whole inspection,the general components for sampling,Only qualified raw materials can be used in the production.
IPQC-All production staff have been related to the skills and professional training .In strict accordance with standard operating guide book operations,products folws through the emplyee self-test,with inter-process inspection,quality All production staff have been related to the skills and professional training, in strict accordance with standard operating guide book operations, product flows through the employee self-test, with inter-process inspection, Workshop and the quality inspection department quality inspector.Only qualified products can be flow into next process .
QA-In the production line wide inspection ,the quality department will wide inspcetion or sampling for each finished products again .Only qualified products can be storage to warehouse and delivered to customers.Quality assurance department have a central position in our company ,control,inspection and guidance to other department.Effective integration of various department are working closely. A common commitment to quality assurance and improvement .
The highest goal of quantity assurance is to “ consumer hundred percent satisfied”.
ISO9001:2008,ROHS ,CE FCC 3C TUV。
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